See how others experienced the improvements that came from a Davis® Dyslexia Programme 

or a Davis® Reading Programme for Young Learners

Davis® Dyslexia Programme

"using different methods for reading and spelling has made me read better & feel less different to friends. Don't feel so different anymore!"

9yr old Herefordshire

Davis® Reading Programme for Young Learners

"He is flying with his reading and writing - I am in awe of what your intervention has done for him. He is finally choosing to read books on his own though we still read to him every day." 

Mother of 8yr old, Cardiff



Davis® Dyslexia Programme

"Before my fourteen year old daughter started the programme she was mainly in the top set at school but her spelling was really, really awful and her reading was affected as well. She was very worried about starting her GCSE's, especially her English GCSE, as she was worried about how many marks she would lose for spelling and she also worried about not reading the exam questions correctly and so answering wrongly (cont...)


Davis® Dyslexia Programme


...The first thing I noticed was as soon as she started the Davis method her confidence skyrocketed and has really stayed up. Since doing the programme her marks, especially for English, have really improved. She recently got 100% in her English GCSE controlled assessment and at her last parents evening her English teacher asked me "What has she done, it's like she's not dyslexic anymore?" and it is true that her spelling is now fine. These massive changes in spelling and confidence has meant that her motivation has also really gone up. I would say that doing the Davis method has really changed my daughters life.

Annie, Powys (mother)

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